terms of service

✧ I reserve the right to decline a commission
✧ Please do not trace, resell or reproduce my artwork
✧Commissioned art (excluding emotes and badges) is for personal use only. Please specify when contacting me for usage rights.
✧ Payment must be received in full, before the commission(s) is started, however if the commission is $100 we can work on a payment plan if needed.
✧No refunds or cancellations after I've started working on the commissioned work.
✧ If you would like revisions after lineart is finished you will be charged an additional fee per change.
✧ If you would like to inquire about commercial work (for merchandise/licensing/etc.) please email me for a quote.
✧ If you have a deadline tell me so that I can confirm that I can meet it.
✧ Commission files are PNG and will be sent through email.

commissions | status: OPENCommissions come with a simple background and an accessory. Complex backgrounds, additional characters or items will add fees according to detail.

badges & emotes - $15

icon - $30
full body - $60

villager icons - $10

main styleicon - $60
half body - $80
thigh - $100
full body - $120

animated emotes - $25+

half body - $60
full body - $100

scott pilgrim - $25

animeicon - $50
half body - $70
thigh - $90
full body - $110

PNGTuber / PNGTubers+Final price depends on the style, how many poses, emotions, costume changes, etc. Please reach out for a personal quote!